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Now that I've watched this, I'd like to say it's my favorite movie on newgrounds, as well as the best movie on newgrounds. Dude, I'd die to have skill like yours in flash...


yeah thats gas for ya haha

good job

o well if the animations arent great, I still liked it so ill give u 9 outa 10 :D

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quick level - use MOUNTAIN BIKE -18 1i 18 1i ga 1i,g7 1i hc 1a j8 a kt -1l kt u ru u,rt u v1 u v4 -1p 109 -c 12f p 14q 1d 162 1d 1aa 1c 1f5 23 1hd 10 1nj 81 1up aj 1un 6a 204 81 23n ar 27h cd 2bl dd 2fb di 2g6 di 2jp dl,1um 6b 1um 68 1si 45 1sn 9m,2jn dn 2rc 19c 394 19h,3ru 17b 43c 17b,395 19h 3ie 19m 3f8 te 3hb v8 3k5 10s 3nc 124 3r6 132 3up 13c 427 13a 4t6 13a 500 11t 51u tr 523 o2 50u jt 4tn g5 4pe f5 4pe bk,4g2 lu 4is kr 4l7 il 4l9 mi,4ft m1 4cc mg 455 mf,4la mh 452 mf,454 mg 3td me 3r4 le 3o8 ic 3mc d2 3lt 87 3mj 3p 3p6 -h 3td -2f 3ia -2f 3i7 -o,4ph bl 483 8k 47n 56 4a9 6b 4i6 8p 4q7 b1 4vp b1,4vq b3 55e bp 5mh ff 6ca ka 6gf l0 6ig l5 6l8 kr 6oh jm 6qp hn 6sg fc 6qk tj 7j0 19c 7kk 108,7kl 10f 7n0 pj,7n3 pg 7nu sf 7qj 115 7uq 15f 889 1ah 8ie 1dl 8sj 1et 94d 1f0 a0h 1er a4r 1e0 a86 1cb abk 19m adv 16d afh 11n,8t2 1et 8uf 1f5,88h v9 85d t6 83m pb 81g l4,847 iq 8bf sl,847 iv 88j ls 8gu pk 8u2 tj 98o v3,91s va 9ej uu,81h l2 7q1 f6 846 ip 7ve dn 7q1 f1,afk 11q ag5 tj ag8 23 ag8 -go##T ac7 -oc,B afl -fl 5,B afn -2j 5,B afl db f,B afn q7 5,B adp 14k 12,B 9jg 1ea 2q,S 6so ed,B 4fr 12q 2r,B 3o0 fg a5,B 48b lo 8e

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